narrative mindfucking


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released June 20, 2012

Author : Aurélien Lemant
Composer and mixer : David Coquart
Mastering : Wolfgang Rüfenacht, Studio Protagoras



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Track Name: Usurp me
The light has just been shed
Your plot is fuckin’ dead
Your stratagems fall at your side. Ninny !

You’re but the shade of a ghost dog
Manipulate them little boys
But don’t you ever mess with me, ‘Cause I’ve got memory.

The real you was a fake
You car, your job, your real estate
Your only family was my bank. Silly !

You can’t usurp me, you poor short-sighted wannabe
You can’t usurp me, I’ve mailed Interpol your I.D

You thought you had a plan
But Narcissus, you fade in my hand
All will taste your void inside.

You’re but the dream of a ghost world
Intimidate them little girls,
But don’t you ever mess with me, ‘Cause I’ve got memory.

Say, You can’t usurp me, can’t clone a soul, plain mimicry
You can’t usurp me, you’re just your own carbon copy (copy, copy, copy…)

Say, You can’t usurp me, you cannot sing, your fraud what’s real
You can’t usurp me, con artists die from treachery
Track Name: Vampire State Clubbing
Man in the gutter held a placard « The End is Nigh »
His backbone through his skull, his middle-finger pointing at the sky
(Spoken) Guts spilled out on the avenue, kittens burning in a caddie
Amateur live web cams report the nationwide snuff movie

A bomb train, a skyjacked plane, the city hall slain
The lonely desperate millions trying to run through the drain
(Spoken) Tourists jump off Lady Liberty, yuppies fire at policemen
Girl in ninja outfit claims she’s the new President

Subway pirates control the town, from underground
Cops and military forces are nowhere to be found
(Spoken) Civilians in the suburbs have just declared the guerilla
Man-eater children are building a human flesh Godzilla

Chorus :
Dance with the Vampire State
As the skyscrapers crumble
When the smokes elevate
In a deafening mumble
…The sun went black, the land got stark…

(Dance, Dance, Dance) Dance with the Vampire State
Slay the rich and the humble
When ruins dominate
And all horizons tumble
…Your pet’s a shark, you kill for crack…

Anthraces are the new neighbours : they live next pore
Two schools have been decimated, zombies are crawling on your floor
(Radio frequencies)
(Dance, Dance, Dance),


The End is Nigh.
The End is Now.
Track Name: Code 18
À 18 pouces de l’écran
Persistait une erreur

In dead (indeed)

Chorus :
Code 18
One big step for a man
Code 18
Désinstallez puis réinstallez le pilote

Pour updater la journée…
Track Name: Fast-Forward Girl
Love is just a nanosecond away
Hell, how come I never catch up – come I never catch up with her ?
My time-machine’s stuck on yesterday
When every atom in my tissues cried out for a lover, for a lover

Last time we made love was Antiquity,
People watching as I died in an arena, her body surrounding me,
Lost in her throes, her claws and jaws, her paws,
The lioness’s share forwarding me to overdose

Chorus :
Speed of sound is still too still too still for you, you still look still so still so still,
The way you move is ill unreal, the way you deal with me is killing me
The speed of light is oh so slow is way too slow to show the way you blow away
The way you wave and sway you save my day and say to me you’re killing me

Fast-Forward girl



Next time we made love was 1984
The war had ceased, then broke out for a decade or more
Behind the screen, an army of Big Brothers
Officially scripted all our gestures

First time we’ll meet is still to come
She sent me back to the timeline where I was from
I have to mend this machine of mine or I’ll never get to this girl on time.
In time.
Track Name: God lives in a town where I've never been
And if I seem a fool to you, tell me ;
I can’t admit the world the way you see.
Our lives reach that period of decline,
Where love will lose faith, submerged in bad wine.

And what I want is love, all it does bring :
The lone long waiting for the phone to ring.
Then you hear the words that liven your spring,
The only voice which is tuned to your string.

But the line is eaten by birds of prey,
See them fly above in the sky of grey.
Sooner or later the line will be dust,
And your wonderful string will meet the rust.

I only had to lose my illusions,
But the birds even shred my convictions.
So I will commit my life to my God,
Though it is not His feet near mine who trod.

That was the ones of distress and of need,
They still make me weep like a man could bleed.
So please now let me tell you what I mean :
God lives in a town where I’ve never been.

Gabhaim molta Bríghde
Ionmhain í le hÉirinn
Ionmhain le gach tír í
Molaimís go léir í

Lóchrann geal na Laighneach
Soilsiú feadh na tíre
Ceann ar óghaibh Éireann
Ceann na mban ar míne

Tig an geimhreadh dian dubh
Gearradh lena ghéire
Ach ar lá 'le Bríghde
Gar dúinn Earrach Éireann

Gabhaim molta Bríghde
Ionmhain í le hÉirinn
Ionmhain le gach tír í
Molaimís go léir í

I’m an albatross unfolding my wing
Over you, mermaid. My love keeps flowing
As a meandering river in your entrails.
The pilgrim that I am, on his raft, sails.

Lead me to the frontispiece of your love,
Where I will prostrate before you, my dove.
And our hands will unite in the same glove,
And my eyes on your face will always rove.

If ever our God’s anger try to wrest
My body from yours, my hand from your breast,
If He wants me to adore only Him,
I’ll take refuge in the ravine of your dream.

And I’ll stay there for the rest of my days.
Love’s the only thing you can’t overpraise.
But my ladder to Heavens has nowhere to lean,
Because God lives in a town where I’ve never been.
Track Name: Gays & Straights
I have a question for the both of you
You’re half an answer by the look of it
Ain’t it high time you took a rendezvous
With yourselves ? One by one and bit by bit

Is our desire a matter of genes ?
And romantic love just an invention ?
Relativity’s no longer Einstein’s
But did God update His own creation ?

I wanna scan you by the way you dance
But I can’t tell if you are boys or girls
The way you pretend to be high on trance
Sure is a joke, but still I guess it works

I have to vote for someone in the dark
But as I sense the music failing me
My unsound body and mind play the lark
Of confusing what I know that I see :

Roomfuls of dancing meat bound to decay
Torture chambers revealed by stroboscopes
The sound of pain, eardrums like an ashtray
The Bombay queen is in tears, yet she copes

Rumours of black masses and pop music
Invisible fingers forcing the beat
Indian she-male with masks of cosmetics
Cannot escape the sad men in the pit

Drug-induced mantras in the ladies’ room
Chandala lovers sleeping on the floor
A bride is gang-banged in front of her groom
The androgyne queer is screaming for more

Gamma-crossed dancers, elephant drivers
Shiva’s the DJ, the club’s a ruin
My eyes are filled with incense and colours
I feel so scared for that Bollywood teen
Track Name: Westerner
Spoken :
“Coyote Town, Texas, USA, 1879”

They had come from across the state
Five horsemen on their steeds
Cavalcading at full speed
Those five had run to meet their fate

The redskin had painted his mask
A wigwam on his eyes
A Kiowa shaman was his guise
The magic he kept in a sack

Sung :
Scalphunter was his name.

Spoken :
The first paleface wore red and blue
Went by the moniker
Of one Johnny Thunder
He was the youngest of the crew

Then came Nighthawk, the sombre man
White bird on a dark shirt
Hand on his gun, boots in the dirt
He was the gravest of the clan

Sung :
Scalphunter was his friend.

Chorus :

Human pentacle with no silver star
They attended the coming of UFOs
The hard-boiled cowboy whose face is a scar (“Ke-Woh-No-Tay”)
Aimed high at the clouds as the red moon rose
The venue was set, the desert winds laughed (“Ke-Woh-No-Tay”)
The skies tore open, earth shook from the deep
When the stallions neighed at the alien craft (“Ke-Woh-No-Tay”)
The goldmine collapsed, the whole world went beep

Spoken :
The two next fellows were Bat Lash
Dandy womanizer
A crack shot, gentleman loner
And last, the rider with the gash :

The bounty hunter Jonah Hex
Whose guns shot two-by-two
All five went off into the blue
Abducted and taken to space

“We shall lead you to our home world”,
Said the silhouette on the strip
Then the citadel-shaped starship
Took off as a life form, unfurled…


Sung :
He Who Is Less Than Human
Track Name: Sun Versus Pulsar
Le jazz a produit l'électricité suggestive.

La circulation inutile des électrons libres d’un Jazz Band System à un autre,
le sosie rythmique des systèmes de production de l’énergie électrique,
la surtension des transformateurs saturés de particules dansantes jusqu’à l’éclatement des empires du son.

*Les salles de danse se Creusent entre la première ville lumière et la première guerre mondiale.

Le Rock’n'roll est le produit de l’électricité.

L’enfant d’une pulsion animale à faire sonner l’électricité en court-circuitant son utilité,
le survivant des hautes tensions grégaires toujours prêtes à éclater en lui,
l’onde de choc pacificatrice de la guerre du rif.

*Hiroshima dit rendez-vous, au festival.

Dans l’optique suggestive, le Rock produit l’énergie photonique.

La fusée éclairante dans la nuit qui s’étale au grand jour,
la formation stellaire d’une voûte iconoclaste,
la célérité c d’une myriade de clash ondulatoires.

*Fade in, depuis l’éclair de dissuasion massive jusqu'à la photosphère mégapolitaine.

Le produit de l’énergie photonique ?
L’enfant de la pulsion humanoïde à faire photo-sonner la lumière en la déviant de son utilité.

*Il prendra le trou de ver comme l’enfant de l’électricité prend la route.